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Live animals are in safe hands

Transporting all kinds of animals worldwide is a unique service offered by VCK Logistics Airfreight. It goes without saying that we provide all required travel documents. We also offer vaccination advice and veterinary services. Animals can spend the night safely and comfortably at a nearby animal hotel. This ensures that they get everything they need. We provide a personal, expert companion throughout the travel process. The containers in which we transport your animals comply with the IATA standard.


VCK Logistics Airfreight, Live Animals.
Bellsingel 31 1119 DT Schiphol-Rijk
Phone +31(0)20-6549 131

Monique Schellinger

+31(0)20 - 654 9131

Stephan van der Heyden

+31(0)20 - 654 9119

Marjan Frerichs

+31(0)20 - 654 9134

Sanne Starreveld

+31(0)20 - 654 9132

What to expect from us?

  • Vaccination advice
  • Veterinary services
  • IATA-approved containers
  • Animal hotel near the airport
  • Travel documents
  • Temperature-controlled transport