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The validation of certificates needed and other veterinary requirements may vary per origin and destination. The shipper/owner of the animal(s) is always responsible for correct and complete veterinary documents.

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Do you have an IATA-approved airfreight kennel yourself?

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To ensure your pet's comfort and safety, all animals travelling as air cargo must be transported in properly-sized kennels that conform to the IATA live animal regulations.

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By sending in this order the Principal authorises and places orders with the Freight Forwarding Company, in conformity with Article 18, and further, of the Union Customs Code (Regulation no. 952/2013/EU), against the agreed remuneration, to make the declarations prescribed in the customs legislation -and where possible in other legislation- ‘in the name and for the account of’ the Principal. This authorisation and the order apply to the shipment of goods presented by/on behalf of the Principal, for which the Principal has provided the Freight Forwarding Company with the records/information. This authorisation and the order comprise all acts and communications up to and including the completion of the verification of the declaration and those in connection with the issue of the communication of the amount of the customs debt.

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VCK Logistics Airfreight BV ("VCK") is a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Haarlem under number 34067944. To all our offers, services and agreements, as well as our further activities the Dutch Forwarding Conditions 2004 will apply. The aforementioned conditions can be consulted and are available for download on our website.