Can I anesthetise my pet for the trip?

No, veterinarians have figured out that anesthetising a pet for air travel can be fatal.
Practical experience shows that owners think they can anesthetise their animals for the flight. DO NOT DO THIS! The combination of the altitude and the anesthetics can lead to low blood pressure in the animals, as a result of which the animals will cool down. This is life-threatening and can lead to a fatal outcome!

Is it possible that medication is given during the trip?

No, animals travel in a separate room at the bottom of the plane that no one can access when flying. We can, however, administer medication a few hours before departure and it is often possible at intermediate stations to administer the necessary medication. Ask your veterinarian if it is a problem to send your animal by plane.

Are special documents needed to send pets?

Yes, but that depends on the destination, several countries use a quarantine procedure, an import license is often required, the animals must have had parasite treatments and sometimes document legalisations with the state veterinarian are necessary. Feel free to contact our staff, they can inform you/give you advice on the import requirements of the destination country.

Can I give my pets food and drink before the trip?

Relevant with regards to the nausea during the trip, it is advisable to give the animals easily digestible food 24 hours in advance, and no more food at all 12 hours in advance of the trip. Water can always be given.

 Do I have to purchase a special kennel for the trip? And if so where can I buy it?

For more information about transport kennels we would like to refer you to the page: Transport kennels

Can I give a toy for the trip?

No, during the trip, stress is a factor to a certain extend. They might destroy or even eat their toys leading to potentially dire consequences.

Can I bring my pet to VCK Logistics myself?

Yes, this is of course possible. You can pay extra to also have VCK Live Animal Logistics pick up your pet from any address you might desire. Ask about our prices.

How old do my animals have to be for the trip?

This depends on the destination of your animal's journey. Some countries do not accept pets without certain vaccinations, blood tests and veterinary treatments, making it impossible to send young puppies or kittens to the country. Airlines also have restrictions on the age of pets. Dogs and cats are not accepted if they are younger than 8 weeks. Most airlines, however, stick to an age of 10 weeks. Within the EU or when travelling to the EU this is 15 weeks. This is because there is a waiting time of 21 days after the rabies vaccination, and the vaccination can be given from 12 weeks of age onward.

Can my animals travel together in one kennel?

  • Animals that are natural enemies may not travel together in a box. (for example, dogs and cats)
  • Two adult dogs or cats can go together in one box if they do not weigh more than 14 kg individually
  • Puppies and kittens up to 6 months old can stay together if they come from the same litter and are equal in size. Only 2 animals in 1 box may be transported to the United States.

What are the costs of transporting animals?

The costs depend on the destination and size of the animals, for a quotation you can fill in the Request offer or contact us.

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