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Transport kennels

Of course the animals may not roam loose in the cargo hold, the animals have to be transported in transport kennels. These kennels are specially made so that your animals cannot injure themselves during the trip. It is nice for your pets to feel at ease in this transport kennel, it is therefore advisable to let them get used to the transport kennel at home. Give them food in the kennel a few weeks before the trip and finally, try to let the animal sleep in there.

There are different sizes and types of transport kennels, so measure your pet well before you purchase a kennel. If the box is too small, it will be refused by the airline and you will still have to buy a bigger kennel which also entails higher transport costs. In the worst case your pet can't come with you at all.
We have all standard sizes of kennels in stock and can determine the right size of kennel for you with the dimensions of your pet.

The animals must be able to stand, sit, lie down, and be able to turn around normally.
Measure your pet as follows:

A- Length from nose to beginning of tail
B- Height in standing position from the ground to the top of the head
C- Length front legs; from the ground to the bottom of the shoulders

To determine the length of the required kennel, the following rule applies:

A + half of C = .... Cm

Example: The length (A) is 80 cm, the height of the front legs (C) is 30 cm, 30 cm divided by two, is 15. 80 cm + 15 cm = 95 cm.
The kennel must therefore be at least 95 cm long.

For dogs with a blunt/flat nose, one size larger kennel is required by the airlines. These dogs have an increased risk of respiratory problems. Traveling in a larger kennel provides more oxygen around the dog and thus reduces the chance of breathing problems.
If you have properly measured your animals you can buy a transport kennel. This kennel must always comply with the guidelines of IATA, which means that the bottom and top must be screwed together, the door must be made of steel, and the pegs of the turning part of the door as well as the squeezing mechanism, must go through the plastic by 1.6 centimetres. The most used kennels that meet these requirements are Vari or Sky.

VCK Live Animal Logistics always has all sizes of Vari kennels in stock and we also deliver the transport kennel to your home for a fee so that your pet can get used to the kennel.

If you are unsure whether your kennel meets the IATA requirements or if you want more information about transport kennels, please feel free to  contact us.