Keep track of orders, business processes and inventory levels in real time

Logistics is about moving goods. This means literally putting them in someone else's hands, and that requires trust. You hand over your goods to us. Our All-in Control system allows real time tracking of goods and processes. The Cloud-based solution is user-friendly and easily accessible. User access and preferences can be personalized at any level. And you will always know where your goods are.

Benefits of All-in Control

  • One single integrated system
  • 24/7 access to order status and stocks
  • Easily accessible and user-friendly
  • Cloud-based means easy access

The features

  • Real-time overview for all your PO/SO orders
  • Detailled information, shipment weight, serial nos.
  • Carrier, waybill numbers
  • Stock overview, for any location
  • Order intake, on-line
  • Backorder administration
  • Statistics
  • Export data to excel, xml, csv format
  • User roles, even for your customers to use!

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