International supply chain solutions specialist

Over the span of 50 years, VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions evolved into the de facto expert among logistical service providers. We make a difference throughout the entire logistics chain: from international inventory management to distribution and from technical logistical services to high-end secure transport, on site installation and service logistics. If it benefits our customers, we rely on our VCK Logistics partners for air and ocean freight & port logistics. We handle it all, from start to finish. Because success often does not reside at the beginning of the chain but rather at the end, with your customer.

Our people are passionate about their work and have ample experience. VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions offers a single point of contact for the entire logistical chain. Every one of our offices guarantees a personal approach.

Our customers can count on the same high standard wherever they are, in terms of service quality, innovative and flexible solutions, transparency, and a smart and safe logistical process. We also guarantee our service quality by providing local customized logistical solutions.

VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions in Netherlands

Since its beginnings in 1962 (All-in Logistics), the company has done extremely well, developing into an international company providing high-end transport, specializing in value-added logistics while emphasizing technical logistical services in the high-tech, electronics and telecom areas.

Our in-house developed unique interactive management information system “All-in Control” allows customers to manage and track all logistical services and processes from a single point of control.

VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions in Germany and Switzerland

The company founded in 1993 (ComPass) has evolved into a global enterprise. We are the logistics partner of many locally and internationally operating customers and vendors. We offer the very best concepts and services at cost-effective rates.

We operate in the telecom, fast-moving consumer goods, and high-tech and high-value product markets. Businesses working in these industries must be able to count on dedicated flexibility from their suppliers and partners. We understand this need perfectly and offer the flexibility our customers require, for instance in our order-processing methods and the IT solutions we develop to provide optimised support for our customers’ operations.


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