Unique in high-end and secure transport

Unique in high-end and secure transport

It goes without saying that we handle transport and distribution for all your (un)packaged goods. But what makes Supply Chain Solutions truly unique is the way we transport IT systems and consumer electronics. We manage all our own operations, provide our own materials and ensure secure, high-end transport. Our vehicle pool is equipped with a broad range of features, including break-proof loading ramps and fleet-board navigation. We adhere to class 5 security standards so our procedures and equipment comply with the most stringent safety standards. Moreover, our equipment protects the environment because our motorized vehicles comply with the Euro 5/6 standards.

Our services

Company-owned transport

When goods need to be delivered quickly and safely, we rely on our own vehicle pool.

Secure transport

In our eyes, secure transport means top-level security in terms of not just equipment, but also packaging and security. Climate control is self-evident. Truckdoors are openend from the central planning location, so only our personnel can handle the goods. Where necessary, escorts are provided for transports.

Delivery and rollout

Transport doesn’t stop at the front door. Goods need to be unloaded or rolled out, such as telecommunications equipment, computers and computer parts. We handle delivery, rollout and return materials (as well as the processing of them) in a safe, expert and environmentally friendly manner. Rollout occurs at precisely the right time, because we keep in contact with our field engineers.

Proof of Delivery

Our proof of delivery is provided through a unique new way of registration upon delivery, by using an advanced in-house made APP and configured for all today’s smartphones. Our customers are notified instantly and systems are updated in real time. The drivers of Supply Chain Solutions are using the Samsung Galaxy S4.
The original signed CMR document can be downloaded via our webssolution All-in Control.

Dispatch management

When customers organize their own dispatching (from our warehouse), we can handle transport registration or pick-up scheduling.


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