Excellent after-market service is vital

Return logistics is at least as important as product delivery. Well-organized return logistics can even be used as a marketing argument. Supply Chain Solutions offers services that help customer excel in the after-market process. Our added value is that we offer end-to-end solutions to manage (fragmented) return streams in a detailed manner and improve transparency. Naturally, there are ICT solutions associated with this.

Our services

RMA management

RMA management handles your return processes. Case and serial number registration show whether products are covered by warranty provisions. Our scanning processes and administrative systems provide support. RMA management also allows us to manage your return processes to repair centers or OEMs and perform quality and performance benchmarking.

Loans exchange management

Loans exchange management coordinates the process of materials on temporary loan, for instance to potential customers who want to test materials before buying. In the end your materials must be returned, not least with an eye to compliance regulations that relate to value determination, correct administrative processing and reconciliation (due to import duty and local tax suspension). Our loans exchange management can handle these processes for you.

Spare parts management

Spare parts management is about managing stocks in terms of replacing or repairing network equipment (parts). This is a closed-loop process. It usually involves parts in business-critical processes (telecom sites, networks) that require quick replacement or repair. This is why we operate a 24x7 standby service to comply with international lead times and honor our customers’ SLAs. It goes without saying that we also handle WEE/Waste Management: all waste and materials from return processes are processed in line with environmental law.


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