International and innovative stock management

Supply Chain Solutions offers added-value solutions. We handle storage and inventory management for our customers at our centralized warehouses in Schiphol-Rijk (NL), Düsseldorf (DE), Ratingen (DE) and Büron (CH). We also provide a range of support services preceding distribution. We scan and register the goods, ensure secure storage, unpack, handle technical configuration, and package them into a customer-specific end product. You can track the status of transactions and international inventories at any time of the day via All-in Control.

Our services

Inventory management

VCK Logistics SCS manages your inventories in our warehouses located in Schiphol-Rijk (NL), Düsseldorf (DE), Ratingen (DE) en Büron (CH).
In these warehouses, goods can be stored and managed as bonded and non-bonded status and our warehouse management system distinguishes several inventory categories and mechanisms such as FiFo.
In addition, VCK Logistics SCS offers global forward stock locations by through a Hub and Spoke model where strategic inventories can be stored.
All international stock locations are managed through a central model by means of 1 single online system.
Our customers have access to their international inventories in real time via:

Secure storage

At our TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) certified warehouse, we do everything that is needed to guarantee secure goods storage. Countless measures are in place to ensure that your goods are stored efficiently and safely.

Pick, pack, merge

Our picking and packing processes are completely separate to enhance quality. We make the same distinction for small parcels or pallets.

Packaging & labelling

In the course of picking, packing and merging operations, we can also repackage or label goods. When your products require ready-to-sell packaging, for instance. We also generate new barcodes and apply special labels.


All inbound and outbound goods are scanned using their serial or IMEI numbers, QR codes or LOTs for quality control and warranty purposes.

Bills of materials (BOM)

Our systems are built such that they can handle bills of materials that need to converge into a single (end) product. This is just one of the many ways we simplify the logistical chain for our customers.

Build to stock/order

Our 2000-square-metre Technical Service Centre converts products entirely according to customer wishes.

Customs depot

Goods receipt for ocean and air freight is quicker and more practical with us, because we can store everything in our customs depot. Our customers benefit from a temporary cash flow advantage, since they can postpone and settle registration costs, duties and VAT payments at the end of the month. Please see compliance.

Multiple stocks

Our management system is set up to manage customer inventories in different locations (or countries). The nature of the goods themselves can provide good reasons to do so, such as when duty-free and customs goods, marketing materials or defective goods are involved.

Point of sales services

We offer a comprehensive range of point of sales services to help customers launch their new high-tech consumer products.


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