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Partnership PureWRX and VCK Logistics SCS

News item 18-12-2018  PureWRX and VCK Logistics SCS partner in growing the business for extended life cycle management of network equipment. Read more

Partnership with Samsara Networks

News item 15-11-2018  VCK Logistics SCS starts partnership with Samsara Networks and supports European expansion by facilitating Central Warehousing solutions. Samsara Networks is a fast growing company that, a.o., specializes in Cloud managed fleet monitoring solutions, dashboard camera’s and industrial sensors for the benefit of data transmission for analytical data management. Read more

Never settle. OnePlus.

News item 15-08-2018  VCK Logistics SCS implements logistics fulfilment and European distribution of smartphones for OnePlus to European B2B and B2C markets. OnePlus is a Chinese Tech company that offers flagship-quality phones at the cheapest possible price developed by tech enthusiasts, hand-in-hand with users, within an open platform environment. Read more

World Press Photo Foundation and VCK Logistics SCS strengthened their partnership

News item 21-05-2018  World Press Photo Foundation and VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) have further strengthened their partnership with a long-term contract. This partnership has now already existed for more than 33 years. VCK Logistics SCS is the fulfilment partner of World Press Photo, supporting the assembly of the annual World Press Photo Exhibition and coordinating the global distribution world-wide. Read more

VCK Logistics SCS optimises replenishment of T-Mobile stores

News item 21-06-2017  VCK Logistics, together with T-Mobile and Slimstock, will conduct a pilot in which the logistics service provider, VCK, will utilise Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4 to optimise the replenishment of 122 T-Mobile stores. The aim of the pilot is to increase in-store availability while simultaneously reducing inventory costs. The partnership was announced at the National Inventory Day in Putten, the Netherlands. “This step is an important part of our strategy to continue to improve customer satisfaction with an ever more efficient supply chain,”... Read more