VCK join forces with Janssen

News item 20-10-2022 Both companies complement each other with a wide range of logistics services having full control over distribution processes. The joint logistics services include e-commerce fulfillment, air and sea freight, warehousing, distribution, technical services (VAL) and represent full control over the distribution process (via fourth-party logistics control tower services). VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions (Netherlands and […] Read more

VCK Logistics new Campus

News item 19-05-2021 We are proud to announce that VCK Logistics has moved to the brand new VCK Logistics Campus which is located at the Green Mountains Logistics Business Park at Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. This sustainable, secured, high-quality warehouse is situated adjacent the ‘Aalsmeerbaan’ runway, closely connected to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol cargo terminals with direct access to […] Read more

What is the impact of effective demand planning?​

News item 15-01-2021 Would you minimize inventory costs and risk having to sell ‘no’ to your customers? Or do you prefer better service with higher costs due to a larger stock buffer? I often see that shippers are struggling with this dilemma. However, it is possible to minimize storage and stock management costs while serving customers with high demands quickly. […] Read more

Predictable logistics in unpredictable situations for Doctors Without Borders (Médicines Sans Frontières)

News item 10-12-2020 Not many work environments are as turbulent as that of Doctors Without Borders. The organisation not only supplies medical care but also food, tents, water and sanitation facilities in approximately 80 countries. This humanitarian aid is offered in conflict areas and also in disaster areas caused by nature or by the outbreak of diseases.   […] Read more

VCK Logistics start building a distribution center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

News item 20-06-2019 VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions and VCK Logistics Airfreight start building a 25.000 m2/ 270.000 sqf high tech, TAPA compliant multi-user distribution center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. One integrated B2B & B2C/ Omnichannel solution as gateway to and from Europe, supporting Telecom, Electronics, IT, Computing, Pharma, Medtech and Marine & Offshore customers. Follow VCK Logistics […] Read more


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