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    21 Jun
    VCK Logistics SCS optimises replenishment of T-Mobile stores

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    VCK Logistics, together with T-Mobile and Slimstock, will conduct a pilot in which the logistics service provider, VCK, will utilise Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4 to optimise the replenishment of 122 T-Mobile stores. The aim of the pilot is to increase in-store availability while simultaneously reducing inventory costs. The partnership was announced at the National Inventory Day in Putten, the Netherlands.

    “This step is an important part of our strategy to continue to improve customer satisfaction with an ever more efficient supply chain,” states Pascal Fonville, supply chain manager at T-Mobile Netherlands (left on the picture). “VCK Logistics is our strategic partner with whom we have outsourced the replenishment of products to our stores.”

    In order to determine the optimal inventory levels for each store and to fulfil customer orders, VCK Logistics will utilise Slimstock’s inventory optimisation system, Slim4. Fonville goes on to explain: “Retail sales patterns differ hugely between each of the individual stores. However, with Slim4, VCK Logistics is able to determine the requirement at a store level. Through utilising more intelligent calculations, we will be able to optimise availability for every store and for every product on a day by day basis.”

    Great opportunity for VCK Logistics

    For VCK Logistics, the Slim4 pilot is a great opportunity to help their other customers overcome their inventory management challenges. “We see this partnership as an opportunity to strategically align ourselves with our clients,” says managing director Brennus van der Klaauw of VCK Logistics (right on the picture). “With the integration of Slim4 with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, we can advise our customers of the optimal inventory level and then process this directly into their ERP system.”

    Success on the basis of three KPIs

    The three parties have committed to a year-long pilot which encompasses the replenishment of 122 T-Mobile stores. The success of the pilot will be determined on three key KPIs: the inventory must be reduced and the in-store availability must increase. If this can all be achieved whilst also reducing the frequency of deliveries to store, this will be an added benefit.


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